Like all women, I experience what Elizabeth Debold calls ‘the strange and sometimes enraging sense of living in a culture that rarely reflects ones priorities, concerns and deeper desires’. I make photographs to counteract this process of denial and to unapologetically reposition my experience as central.

At the heart of my working method is a profound faith in intuition. This offers the most direct route to a clear voice. In my version trees, limbs, bodies, veins, roots and pools have become metaphors for growth, decay, longing, melancholy, and desire.

Favouring natural light and found scenarios I photograph what surrounds me, no fabrication is necessary as this is a process of enquiry rather than invention.

I avoid the hierarchical and linear, here everything is interconnected and fluid. I am building an ever evolving collection of images, that when combined reflect a female experience of being in the world.

‘The result is these exquisite photographs, beautifully lit, soft and contemplative. Pictures that ask us to slow down, reflect, wonder and take solace in the beauty all around us.’ Moray Mair