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‘I can hardly believe that I have limits,

that I am cut out and defined.

I feel scattered in the air, thinking inside other beings,

living in the things beyond myself.

I almost forgot that I am human,

I forgot my past and I am free from end

with an awareness of being something merely alive.’

Clarice Lispector

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I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE examines the experience of ‘entering into contact’ with the world. 

The act of photography is uniquely suited to dissolving the border that separates us from our surroundings, to experience a break away from being embodied and to feel what Rainer Maria Rilke called ‘a mighty reconciliation’

This space of merging, where one understands through feeling rather than intellect is spiritual, sensual and alive.

The images collected from there offer up meaningful connections and larger truths. Trees, limbs, bodies, veins, roots and pools become metaphors for growth, decay, longing, melancholy and desire.