Yugen is a 44 page hardback photographic book which examines a key concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Yugen (n) - Meaning dim, deep or mysterious, used to describe the subtle profundity of things that are only vaguely suggested. Hinting at something that is beyond what can be said, but is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience.

A compound word, each part yu and gen, meaning cloudy impenetrability, and the combination meaning obscurity, unknowability, mystery, beyond intellectual calculability but not utter darkness.


The Kafalas

The Kafalas, A Decade In Tripolitania is a 140 page hardback photographic book featuring images selected from a 50 year old archive of kodachrome slides of my family.

Photographed entirely by my British Grandfather the book tells the story of a family of mixed heritage, (British/Arab) living in Libya between 1966-1976. It offers a highly personal look at this ancient cosmopolitan region before the impact of revolution changed the country and my family's life forever.

All photographs by R.R. Grantham

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 The Ones We Love

The Ones We Love started as a web-based project curated by artist Lindley Warren, photographers were invited to share images of “people they love, cherish, and find inspiration within.”

The Ones We Love grew into a 100 page hardback publication printed by Conveyor Arts and distributed internationally as The Ones We Love Vol 1.

The Ones We Love Vol 1 is sold out but the project continues as a magazine, currently on issue 3.